No matter how hard mainstream media, politicians and bankers would try to hide it, the millennials are WOKE and they are raising awareness around them. There is nearly no internet connected young person that didn’t hear about corporatocracy,  petrodollar crash, the ” 1%”, Rothschild, economic slavery, economic hit-men, false flag attacks, Big Pharma, alternative energy, holistic doctors, hacktivists, reducetarians, minimalists and so on.

Statistics show that over 70% of people between 25 and 34 have seen at least a documentary related to one of the topics above.

Our generation is rapidly learning about how the world really works and it is developing ways to overcome the glitch in our progress caused by mixing today’s scientific boost with traditional old systems.


The existence of Internet and social media gives us information to share  in an instant all over the world with the touch of a button.  Thousands of websites, blogs, pages, articles, photos, messages, memes have been created to spread the word and plant in many people’s hearts the idea that  world as we know it is due for a big change. One that puts an end to all human and animal suffering. One that encourages development instead of oppressing it.









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