Find out how one person can make a difference – become a REDUCETARIAN

Plenty of people are aware of the risks and the damage we expose ourselves, our animals as well as future generations by continuing doing what we currently are doing: over consuming.

We are currently using up our planet’s resources at double rate than earth can recover itself, millions of people are suffering and working on low wages to keep on over producing for corporations that only aim high profits at the expense of everything and on top of all that billions of animals are dyeing horrific deaths each year to feed us.

It’s common to say or hear that there’s nothing we can do to make changes, that one person doesn’t make a difference and so on…but actually one person can make a difference, and here’s why:

One person consumes yearly: CYklFvMWwAA0yWL

  • Roughly 130 shellfish
  • 40 fish
  • 26 chickens
  • One turkey
  • Nearly half a pig
  • A little more than a tenth of a cow


This means nearly 200 animals die each year to feed each human.

For most of us however becoming completely vegetarians or vegans can be quite challenging. This is why some people thought that it may be beneficial to cut down on their meat consumption rather than not do anything at all. And they were right!
Here’s how you change the world only by becoming a REDUCETARIAN:

  • SUPPORTS WORKERS’ RIGHTS – Those who work on factory farms are usually those most easily exploited: immigrants, the poor, and children
  • MITIGATES WORLD HUNGER – 200 million pounds of dead fish and other marine animals are discarded daily as unintended “bycatch.” Eating less meat helps support more efficient food production processes that have greater return on investment.
  • DECREASES POLLUTION –  Factory farms produce an estimated 500 million tons of manure each year – more than three times the sewage produced by the entire U.S. human population.

Plus your own health will benefit from it:

  • IMPROVES NUTRITION – eating less meat decreases your chance of heart disease, certain types of cancers, strokes, diabetes, and many other chronic illnesses
  • LEADS TO FEWER DISEASES – Livestock and poultry production use 80% of all antibiotics. By eating animals in high quantities, we repeatedly subject ourselves to these resistant strains of bacteria that may cause unpleasant and dangerous infections.

And it’s so easy! Everybody can reduce their meat consumption! Here’s some ideas:

  • Skip eating meat with dinner if you ate it with lunch.
  • Declare a meatless day. Hello Meatless Monday!
  • Use half the meat and double the vegetables in your favourite home-made dish
  • Eat a veggie pizza instead of a pepperoni pizza
  • Encourage others to become reducetarians.


Visit for more details.

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