Millions of Chinese work more than 16 hours a day, go home where they live together with even 10-12 other people, eat some poor rice meal and go to sleep so that in the morning they can start over…they get paid next to nothing so that the whole world can pay cheap 102579680-China_jean_manufacturing.1910x1000prices for everything from clothes, office supplies, jewellery, accessories, shoes and everything else that’s made in China…after all we all know everything is made in China, we are all happy when we buy something for a really cheap price. What we don’t know or think about is the fact that there is blood sweat and tears behind every little shitty and most of the times unnecessary item we buy. Some of them are even work slaves, kept by use of force, some of them risk their lives to put a note crying for help in a Primark sock. And the worse part is that many of us, the ones that keep on searching and buying these items, don’t even afford to go for a more respectable producer that doesn’t use child or forced labour or a country that is killing its own people for money. What kind of acceptable world is this? HOW WOULD OUR PRAISED WESTERN WORLD LOOK LIKE WITHOUT THE SACRIFICE OF THE CHINESE PEOPLE? Ever wondered?
And as if it wasn’t enough, we are now buying their organs as well. Westerners in need of a transplant placed on a long waiting list, that of course also afford it, fly over to China where it’s “solved” within days. What they may or may not know is that the moment they decide to do that and they get there and they get their compatibility tests done, the “system” is searching for a “donor” within their political prisoners. People that are alive and healthy and jailed for their beliefs.
See below link to Wikipedia for more details
This is absolutely outrageous! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?
When are we going to stop caring about the comfort on our couch and start doing something to change this horrible system that is wasting so many lives?
Seriously, it is not working, how can we accept the idea that so many people are suffering and not do a thing? And if you’re reading this and thinking “what can I do” or “we can’t do anything” or “nothing is going to change” then you are already directly guilty for the suffering and pain of millions through you passive attitude. Future generations will look back at this generation and will see how we were worse than Nazis..this is happening for over 50 years now and we massively DON’T CARE.

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