Sociocyberneering not as complicated as it sounds

The concept was launched by underrated social engineer Jacques Fresco over 40 years ago.

It’s unbelievable and unacceptable how he revealed solutions to so many of our problems already since then, but many ideas have only managed to become reality recently and some of them not yet…

If you read articles about Jacque Fresco, in many of them he is called “utopist” or “communist”. How is this possible? His vision and practical solutions to our day to day life problems are so efficient and so advanced that they could save us our time, our lives and even give us the possibility to work on more advanced matters such as curing cancer, aids, saving the ozone layer..hell! by now we probably could’ve found the way to  teleportation and immortality!

Jacque Fresco designed a world with flat screens and hydroponics over 40 years ago

Imagine 7 billion people trying to enhance this world with educated minds and freedom to use them as such…but no..we ignore the fact that we have the possibility to offer ourselves the basic needs of life (food, shelter, clothing) only by use of robots and alternative energy..we stop ourselves from this development by keeping in use the monetary system which is obviously corrupt and obsolete and we have just evolved beyond that.

Jacque Fresco has come with solutions many years ago and here we are wasting half a century while thinking it’s been a fast developing period..well we just don’t know any better because obviously we could’ve done a way better job.

Such a shame that this man has an answer for every single problem of our world and has actual solutions in place and the only thing he needs after all the studying and designing of this advanced society is the possibility to built a PILOT CITY.

Watch this video from 1974 and tell me we haven’t wasted nearly half a century and also why is the world ignoring this genius?

When are we going to say enough is enough?

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