Why is everyone acting like Zika Virus is the confirmed Root Cause of Microcephaly?

One way or another almost everybody heard about the Zika Virus.d28d

Mainstream Media is saying that there is an outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil and the reason for it is the Zika Virus present in entire Latin America.

But actually what do we know about microcephaly?

Here’s what doctors tell us:

Microcephaly is an uncommon condition where a baby’s head is smaller than expected or much smaller in the sever cases.


  • Exposure to harmful substances, such as alcohol, certain drugs, or toxic chemicals
  • Interruption of the blood supply to the baby’s brain during development

So when seeing this, one can only think: why  bring up the Zika virus into discussion?

Well, if the number of cases is significantly higher than the average then we would consequently look into the environment for changes that may have produced this.

And changes have happened:

So do we know what’s causing it?

No actually not. Until we have enough data to sustain one option or the other we can only speculate. There are countries with Zika virus that have no increased microcephaly cases as well as there are countries using vaccines and larvicides (not in their water supply though, Brazil is the only one) that also don’t have more cases.

Bottom line..It looks like a media circus meant to..well I won’t make speculations 🙂

 Large scale speculations are meant to distract attention perhaps from:

  • a new recession that started in the Middle East (UAE, Saudi) and nobody is saying a word about it?
  • to move some large amounts of money in order to Combat THE VIRUS?
  • To cover up companies like Monsanto or Bill Gates foundation that seem to be having their names tied to the larvicides and the vaccines?

Maybe none of the above and only science will prove the truth in the end, but let’s not all jump to conclusions and make speculations based on nothing and just keep focusing on all options possible.


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