Long term travelling through South East Asia

As you travel you meet so many people travelling for vacations but also as a lifestyle. We’ve all been on vacations but how can some people afford travelling for so long one may wonder?

Well actually people find all kinds of alternatives to standard “careers” in order to sustain themselves and extend their time away as much as possible. Here are some examples:

  • teaching English in schools (very high demand for foreign teachers in Asian countries)
  • working at hostels and bars (most of the times without a work permit)
  • blogging and vlogging
  • digital work (admin, marketing, programming e.g DigiNomads).

The thing is, that when you’re back home you don’t have a lot of visibility on these options, you hear about them but you can’t really arrange anything upfront. In South East Asian countries things happen more on the spot and you hear about opportunities hours or days upfront most of the times from fellow travelers.

So if you’re out there trying to sort out a way to travel long term, my advice is to save up a bit of money, start travelling around and  way sooner than expected opportunities will arise. All it takes is a bit of courage to get out of the hamster wheel…




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