The Siem Raep Happy Pizza

When visiting Siem Raep last week (27-30 Oct 2016) me and my travel mates heard about this place called Happy Pizza which was supposedly very popular among backpackers. And the reason for that was because the place had a “secret” topping for pizzas which you could add for 2$ extra..quite surprising since everything in 1$ in Cambo lol.

Anyway, did what we had to do, and we got ourselves to the place, after a few laughs from their side about the pizza names and such (both of them Italian…btw another lesson learnt: pepperoni pizza is peppers pizza in Italy and not salami…you live and you learn :), we ordered our pizza and the waiter asked us if we want them “Happy”…we said yes as we knew they’d top it with cannabis or weed or marijuana or whatever you wanna call it.. after all we had to go for the full  SR experience.

Few minutes later our pizzas arrive and we start devouring them, didn’t feel any weed taste so we thought it may be a scam or something (I live in the Netherlands so I smelled and tasted marijuana in all ways possible). Anyway, we had a laugh, we ate and then left..on our way out and towards pub street which was few meters ahead however, I start to feel so dizzy and agitated in my head it was unreal. I asked the guys if they feel any effects..NOTHING! I was like: wth! how come is this affecting only me?? As we were heading to the pub street we stopped for some rotee – banana& Nutella yumm!, I started tripping out of my mind..this was no weed high, nor being stoned this was different…

We had our rotee and headed up to a bar for a drink. I asked the guys again if they felt any effects, they were like “mneah…”.

The pub was colored in fluorescent graffiti and it looked like the flower pattern was coming at me, hugging me, everything was so colorful and vivid and beautiful…people started to look alike, they all had monkey ears and even one of my friends had a caterpillar head..I was laughing like crazy in an unstoppable manner tripping balls…

After a while (it seemed a while to me, in reality I think it was only few minutes) the guys started experiencing similar effects as well and not long after that we decided to head to our hostel to avoid any trouble such as seeing swimming pools from balconies and whatnot 😀

The way to the hostel (not more than 500-600 meters) was a real adventure. We were laughing and looking around without recognizing anything on our way. At some point we run into this little girl from whom I had bought a t-shirt the night before and which was quite funny to one of the guys, jumping around him and tickling and stuff…so the girl sees us (him) and starts doing the same…that moment was magical! we were jumping for joy! we knew for sure we were on the right way to the hostel..luckily we got there safe and although quite worried about our tripping – really seemed to be more like magic mushroom tripping than anything else..

We went to sleep and woke up really late next day and I still felt a bit dizzy when I woke up. Need to mention that I’m nearly half the weight of these 2 guys..

Also asked around other friends that have visited Cambodia before and apparently  the Happy Pizza place has a reputation of “spiking” marijuana with LSD…which explains a lot the trip, the dizziness, the thirst, and the long lasting effect on us…

So much for trying happy stuff in South East Asia I’d say…


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